About Us

Our Approach:
We believe in creating financial freedom


Infra Trade is a boutique money management/asset management firm serving clients worldwide.   Our mission to help guide investors on the road to a wealthy and meaningful life. What that means is different for everyone, but the objective is the same: stay on the right path.



Infra Trade produces an informative document each week allowing clients to connect present-day facts to our investment allocations.  Investment discipline must come from a confident base.  Informed clients have a much greater probability of success in the emotionally-driven financial markets.


  • Quantification of the market’s risk/reward profile.
  • Prudent risk exposure based on hard data and proven methods.
  • Logical approach to both bull and bear markets.
  • Ability to migrate to multiple asset classes, including stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, sectors, regions of the globe, and individual countries.
  • Competitive advantage via analysis on multiple timeframes.
  • Expertise in technical analysis, economics, and process development.
  • Intimate knowledge of the three basic building blocks of all market profiles: bullish trends, consolidation, and bearish trends.
  • Discipline allows for clear thinking and sound decision making in fast moving markets.
  • Asset class behavioral analysis.
  • Market fractal and pattern recognition expertise.


Infra Trade offers award winning investment and portfolio management services.
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Responsible investors

We believe that in-depth analysis of risks and opportunities, combined with active engagement with company management, enhances risk-adjusted returns.

Diverse Outcomes

The scope of our research means we can offer a wide range of investment outcomes. Including those aiming to outperform, portfolios that invest to generate a strong level of income, responsible investing.

Deep Research Insights

Rigorous and collaborative research, shared across our global research platform, allows us to generate our best investment ideas.